Posted on 11 Jun 2016

Larkfleet joins leading builders in setting out case for remaining in EU

Larkfleet joins leading builders in setting out case for remaining in EU


Karl Hick, CEO of The Larkfleet Group of Companies, is among 17 chief executives of house building companies who have signed a joint letter published in national newspapers over the weekend setting out the case for Britain remaining in the European Union.

The letter says:

‘We are developers and housebuilders working throughout the country to build more, much needed, housing to ensure millions of people can fulfil their dream of buying their own home. 

What any developer requires is confidence and continued support from their financial investors - and those investors need certainty over wider market conditions. There is now a clear consensus that a vote to leave will create considerable uncertainty for Britain. We know what this will mean: investment will suffer as confidence in the economy wavers. That is the last thing Britain’s developers and house-builders need.

Leaving the EU would also have an impact on the UK’s housing supply chain companies, which employ millions of people across the UK. This could disrupt the production and import of the supplies needed for building such as bricks and blocks. This will further delay and add costs on Britain’s house builders.

Britain’s strong and open economy is the vital foundation we need to build Britain’s homes. But this is precisely what leaving the European Union puts at risk.

So, we support the UK staying with a reformed EU.”

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